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During the Age of the Dinosaurs, alien beings from the planet Ako visited Earth and took dinosaurs back home with them.  Their next visit coincided with height of Egyptian civilization.  The Akonians not only brought humans back home, but began to cross breed with them.  Some Akonians remained on Earth and one Akonian female mated with the Pharaoh of Egypt.  They had a son, Phleideis.  Yet when the time came for Phleideis to ascend the throne, the Egyptians cast him out, not wishing a strange half-breed to rule their land.  Phleideis went to Ako, where he became the leader of the Akonians.  Now 6,000 years have passed and Phleideis once again has lost his realm because of his mixed blood.  Having no where else to go, he returns to Earth, the planet of his birth, in the hope that humans have become more tolerant.  He and the other half-breed exiles have constructed a glittering city in the depths of a remote desert region in the United States.  Phleideis establishes a positive relationship with the first Black President of the United States, Joe Tarkus, and his most trusted advisor, General James Yancy.  Phleideis will need the goodwill of the President as much as Earth will need Phleideis, as information reaches Earth that the pure bred Akonians are planning an assault against Earth-their intent is world domination.  The stage is set for an epic battle between the planets and the noble pharaoh Phleideis will prove to be an invaluable ally to the human race.  Phleideis is a compelling science fiction parable that confronts the issues of racism in the context of its imaginative plot.  Author St. Juill Jonz demonstrates his fertile imagination in his richly detailed depiction of an alien race.  While we are descended from the apes, the Akonians claim ants as their distant forebears, and Mr. Jonz’s descriptions of them bring these fanciful creatures vibrantly to life.  Mr. Jonz propels his complex plot to a satisfying conclusion after an edge-of-your seat battle between Earth and the fearsome Akonians.

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